Note: You need to create a Deadline Funnel campaign before integrating with Squarespace. You can integrate a 'Product Launch' or 'Evergreen' campaign with Squarespace.

Video Tutorial:

Copy your Deadline Funnel tracking code so you can add it to your Squarespace page:

2. Make sure your Squarespace page is in your Pages in order for your countdown timer to appear on your page:

3. Add a Code Block to your Squarespace page (Code blocks are a Business feature in Squarespace):

4. Paste the tracking code provided by Deadline Funnel into the code block and click 'Apply':

5. Once you save your changes, your countdown will now appear on your Squarespace page. Here's an example of what the Floating Bar will look like:

Using an Inline Countdown on your Page

If you are using the Inline Countdown type, you must follow the instructions above and then complete these additional steps:

1. After you add your page URL to Campaigns > Edit Campaign > Pages, select 'Display Inline timer' and copy the HTML snippet needed to add your countdown timer to your page:

2. Click 'Edit' on the section where you want to add the timer and select '< / > Code':

3. Paste your Deadline Funnel HTML snippet into the code box, click 'Apply', and then save your page:

That's it! Your inline countdown will now appear on your Squarespace page.

If you have any questions, please let us know at

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Did this answer your question?