Note: You need to create a Deadline Funnel campaign before integrating with Showit.

In this guide, we'll show you how to integrate Deadline Funnel and ShowIt.

You're going to learn:

Deadline Funnel default behavior

The default behavior in Deadline Funnel is to always show a deadline on the page.

  • If the visitor has already been tracked by Deadline Funnel, then we'll show their existing deadline.

  • If they haven't been tracked yet, Deadline Funnel will start tracking them via their IP address/cookie, and display a new deadline for that user.

Add the Deadline Funnel tracking code to your Showit page

To start, click on Tracking Code at the top of your Deadline Funnel dashboard and copy your Tracking Code:

Go to your ShowIt editor and use the right sidebar to access the 'Advanced Settings' menu:

Click on the 'Custom Head HTML' box to add the Deadline Funnel tracking code you had copied before into the field:

Then paste the Deadline Funnel tracking code into the 'Update Custom Head HTML' box that pops up, and click 'Save':

How to add a Floating Bar to ShowIt

Navigate to Edit Campaign > Pages to add a new page, then add your ShowIt page URL, select 'Display Floating Bar', add a redirect URL (optional), and then click 'Save'

You can now view your ShowIt page to see your Floating Bar countdown timer.

How to add an Inline Countdown Timer to your ShowIt Page:

Navigate to Edit Campaign > Pages to add a new page then add your ShowIt page URL, select 'Display Inline Timer', add your redirect URL (optional), copy the HTML Code you need to display your timer inline, and click 'Save':

Navigate to the ShowIt Editor and click on the rectangular icon at the bottom of the editor (shown below) to add an HTML area where you want your countdown to appear, then click on the HTML widget to open up a little box where you can add your HTML:

Here is a closer look at that:

Paste the Inline code from Deadline Funnel here and hit 'Save'. Publish any unsaved changes.

Preview your page and you will see your countdown:

You can add multiple HTML widgets to your ShowIt page to add additional instances of your countdown to the same page.

If you have any questions, please let us know at or in our live chat at the bottom right of your screen

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