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How to Integrate EasyWebinar with Deadline Funnel and ConvertKit
How to Integrate EasyWebinar with Deadline Funnel and ConvertKit
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Video Overview:

Please watch this training on the fundamentals of integrating automated webinars into your marketing funnel first:

This tutorial covers integrating Deadline Funnel with ConvertKit and EasyWebinar using the API integration.

To integrate your Deadline Funnel campaign with EasyWebinar you need to:

Create your evergreen Deadline Funnel Campaign:

Set up your Deadline Funnel evergreen campaign based on the number of days between when someone attends your webinar and the deadline for your promotion after the webinar. For example, if someone registers for your webinar on Monday, but attends your webinar on Tuesday, the deadline will start counting down on Tuesday.

Create your webinar-related tags in your ConvertKit account: We suggest 2 webinar-related tags, one for those who attended the webinar and one for those who missed the webinar.

Integrate your ConvertKit account with your EasyWebinar acccount:

Inside of EasyWebinar, navigate to My Account > Integrations, select ConvertKit and follow EasyWebinar’s instructions for integrating your accounts:

Once you’ve integrated ConvertKit and EasyWebinar, click to edit your event, and go into ‘Event Integration’:

Navigate to the ‘Tagging’ section and select the ‘Came to webinar’ and ‘Did not come’ tags:

This will allow EasyWebinar to tag your contact’s in ConvertKit based on if they attend your webinar or do not attend.

Adding the Tracking Pixel to your Event Page:

Next, navigate in your Deadline Funnel admin to Edit Campaign > Settings > Advanced and copy your tracking pixel:

Go back to EasyWebinar and go to Advanced Options > Third Party Scripts:

Paste your Deadline Funnel tracking pixel into the Header Scripts box for the ‘Event Page’:

Triggering the deadline in ConvertKit:

Set up a ConvertKit Rule that will trigger your Deadline Funnel webhook when either the Attended or Did Not Attend tag is applied:

To trigger the deadline based on when people are added to your sequence in Convertkit, you'll need to set up our direct integration with Convertkit. Check out our guide on how to do that here!

When you use either tag to trigger the rule (as shown in this example), you're able to simplify your automation and run everyone through the same rule whether or not they actually attend the webinar.

Another way to use this integration would be to set up two different rules in ConvertKit and have one rule triggered when someone attends, and then the other rule triggered if someone does not attend. This gives you precise control of what messages your subscribers will see based on their specific actions.

When your webinar tag is applied, the Deadline Funnel webhook will trigger and begin the subscriber's deadline.This will coordinate the timing of your ConvertKit emails and the Deadline Funnel deadline. Your leads will be tracked by email, cookies, and ip address.

Email Follow-up Instructions:

  • You will be unable to use the email countdown timer or 'deadlinetext' in emails that are sent from EasyWebinar as they do not allow the placeholder required to use the subscriber email

  • You can and should use the Deadline Funnel email links in your follow-up emails to keep your countdown properly synced.

  • We encourage you to use ConvertKit for follow-up emails so that you have the option to include the Deadline Funnel animated countdown and the specific time and date of your subscriber's deadline, in the body of the email.

That's it!

If you have any questions, please let us know at

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