With Portal, you can display your offer details, deadline, and social proof in one place.

This article will show you how to add / edit Portal in your Deadline Funnel account. Let's dig right in! 🎉

How does Portal work? A high-level overview:

  • Portal can be displayed on any pages in your Deadline Funnel campaigns.
  • On desktop, Portal displays on the bottom-left of your page and defaults to the deadline view in the middle image above. On desktop, users can toggle between the deadline view and the expanded view shown in the image on the right.
  • Currently for desktop we do not support the fully minimized icon-only view. We will be adding support for that in the near future!
  • On mobile, the default view is the deadline view shown in the middle image above. Users can expand from that view to the expanded view which takes over the entire screen, and then from there minimize down to the icon-only view.
  • We will be adding more customization options for both desktop and mobile interactions in the near future!

Embed Portal on your landing page

Embedding Portal on your site works exactly the same way as embedding other Deadline Funnel timers on your pages.

In fact the same code is used for Portal, Floating Bar Timers, Inline Timers, and Dynamic Text Timers. You only need to embed the code one time in your site. No need to add different codes for Portal or different Deadline Funnel timers.

To learn how to add the global Deadline Funnel embed code to your site or page, click here!

Add Portal to your campaign

Important: In order to display Portal on a site, you must have Portal added as a Page in a Deadline Funnel campaign.

To add Portal to a campaign, simply navigate to your Deadline Funnel campaign >> Pages area. From there, you can click "Add New Page" and choose "Display Portal". You should then specify the URL you want Portal to appear on:

[Optional] You can also add a URL that your visitors will be redirected to after the deadline on Portal expires.

After you've done that and added the Deadline Funnel tracking code to your site, you should see Portal appear on your page. Nice job!

How to customize Portal

After you've added Portal to your campaign, you will be able to edit Portal by clicking "Try Portal" on the sidebar of your campaign:

This will take you to Portal's live editor where you can add content blocks or customize other elements in Portal!

Read on to learn about the various components of Portal you can add to / edit. 😊


Color Palette Presets

Portal includes 17 different color palettes to choose from at launch. We'll be adding gradient palettes and custom color selection in the near future!

Edit Portal's colors by toggling on "Color Palette Presets" under the "Colors" section in Portal's live editor:

Content Blocks


You can add an Intro section to Portal by toggling on the "Intro" content block.

Add a nice warm greeting or promotional text for your visitors to see by filling out your "Greeting" and "Text" boxes. Your changes should appear automatically in the preview to the right:

Call to action (CTA Button)

Give your visitors a quick way to take advantage of your offer, or easily send them on their way to the next page!

To enable the CTA Button on Portal, simply toggle on the "CTA Button" content block and add your text / URL. You should automatically see the button appear to the right in the preview window:

Featured Snippet

When you need to quickly convey a note, small message, or show a special section for a discount code, Portal's Featured Snippet is your friend. 😊

The Featured Snippet (shown in yellow in the below image) can be customized with a selection of 6 different colors. Note that we will be adding more colors and customization options in the near future.

Simply toggle the Featured Snippet content block on, add your text, and pick a color for your Featured Snippet:


The deadline countdown timer is enabled by default and displays the time remaining in the deadline you have set in your Deadline Funnel Campaign >> Settings.

Inside of the Deadline content block you may edit the Title and the Description that appears above the countdown timer. ⏱

These input boxes also support the Deadline Format tag {deadlinetext}, which displays the format you've chosen in the Deadline Funnel Campaign >> Settings >> Deadline Format area.

Social Proof

We're pleased to now offer Portal's Social Proof content block! This new feature will allow you to show your visitors that other visitors are starting deadlines of their own, and will also allow you to display when a purchase is made!

Click here for a quick technical overview of how Social Proof displays tracking and / or sales data.

Check it out by going into your Portal admin area and toggling on Social Proof. Once there, you will want to enable either the "Display deadline started events" or the "Display sales events" check-boxes (or both).

Once you've done that, just set the display labels below the check-boxes and you're good to go!

Portal mobile

Portal has been released with full mobile compatibility. Check it out!

Removing or disabling Portal

Much like our other Pages in a Deadline Funnel campaign, the best way to disable Portal (or any other page type) is to expand the Page inside of your Deadline Funnel Campaign >> Pages >> Edit Settings area and change the URL that it is displayed on.

For example, if you configured Portal to be displayed on the URL "https://example.com/landing-page", then you can change the URL in your Page settings to "https://example.com/disabled" inside of Deadline Funnel. That will stop Portal from appearing on "https://example.com/landing-page".

If you have any questions, please let us know at help@deadlinefunnel.com.

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