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Video: What is Portal?

With Portal, you can display your offer details, deadline, and social proof in one place.

For your audience: Portal means a personalized customer experience that makes it easy to understand who you are, what you do, and why they should care. Portal gives your audience the clarity and motivation they need to take the next step.

For your business: Portal means high-converting marketing campaigns that are unique to each subscriber and integrate with your existing tools. Portal gives your business a connection between the nitty-gritty of executing each campaign and the bigger picture of continuing to grow your audience, conversions, and sale.

In this guide, we'll show you how to set up Portal in your Deadline Funnel account! 🎉

Pages: Add Portal to pages in your campaigns

To add Portal to a page in one of your Deadline Funnel campaigns, edit your campaign and go to Pages.

Add or edit an existing page, and select "Display Portal" as the page type:

Optional: You can also add a URL that your visitors will be redirected to after the deadline expires.

After you've added the page, selected Portal as the page type, and added the Deadline Funnel tracking code to your website, you can open your page in a new tab to see Portal live! 💥

Settings: How to update Portal settings in a campaign

After you've added Portal to your campaign, you will be able to edit Portal by clicking "Try Portal" on the sidebar of your campaign:

This will take you to Portal's live editor where you can add content blocks or customize other elements in Portal!

Read on to learn about the various components of Portal you can add to / edit. 😊

Colors: Style Portal with color palettes or custom colors

Color palettes

Portal includes 17 different color palettes to choose from:

Custom colors

You can also select custom colors:

If you have custom colors enabled, you will also be able to select custom colors for the deadline block:

Content Blocks: Mix and match nine content blocks

In Portal, you use content blocks to communicate the most important details of your offer to your audience. 📚

The following nine content blocks are currently available:

👋 Intro

You can add an introduction to your offer by enabling the Intro content block:

🎫 CTA Button

Give your visitors an easy way to take action with the CTA Button content block:

❗ Featured Snippet

Use the Featured Snippet content block to highlight a specific part of your offer.

⏲️ Deadline

The Deadline block displays the deadline that you have specified in your campaign settings.

🌟 Social Proof

The Social Proof content block gives you an easy way to demonstrate social proof to your audience!

At launch, social proof uses two event sources from your Deadline Funnel campaign:

  • Deadline started events are created when a subscriber in your email marketing platform (or Zapier) goes through the main webhook in your Deadline Funnel campaign that starts their deadline.

  • Sales tracking events are created when a subscriber in your email marketing platform (or Zapier) goes through a sales tracking webhook in your Deadline Funnel campaign that tracks a purchase.

Social proof events are psuedo-anonymized to display only the first name of the person who generated the event, and to either display the state if the person generating the event is in the U.S., or just the country if the person generating the event is outside of the U.S.

For events where first name is not available (if the first name was not sent from your email platform to Deadline Funnel via a webhook / Zapier integration), then the social proof block will display "Someone" instead of the person's first name. For example: "Someone just purchased My First Course!"

📹 Video

Add any YouTube, Wistia, or Vimeo video to Portal with the Video content block:

🔖 Product Details

The Product Details block gives you a section to add a short message and up to three text/image sections.

One possible use for this block could be to bring attention to bonuses in your offer.

✏️ Text / Image

The Text / Image block gives you the ability to add up to 400 characters of text, and an optional image.

💡 Powered By

The Powered By block displays in the bottom row of Portal, and is automatically connected to our Tell a Friend program.

If someone clicks on the Powered By link through Portal on your page and signs up for Deadline Funnel, you will automatically receive a credit to your account after their first successful (non-refunded) payment.

The Powered By block is completely optional and can be disabled.

Views: Customize the default views and transitions for Portal

You can customize the default views and transitions for Portal on both desktop and mobile in the Views section of your Portal settings:

On desktop and mobile, Portal displays the deadline + social proof view by default.

If you have both the deadline and social proof blocks enabled, then on desktop, both blocks will be visible at the same time.

If you only have the deadline block enabled, then you will just see the deadline block.

On mobile, the deadline block will be displayed first, and then every five seconds Portal will hide the deadline block and display a social proof event, and then five seconds later display the deadline block again.

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