There are two steps you must take to have Deadline Funnel active on your page(s).

  1. The "Tracking Code" needs to exist on the page(s)
  2. Deadline Funnel must be told exactly which URL(s) to take action on and exactly what you want it to do

Here are just some of the functions you might want Deadline Funnel to do on a page:

Adding the Tracking Code to Your Page(s)

From inside the Deadline Funnel admin, you will need to first click on the "Tracking Code" link in your Deadline Funnel account and click the Copy button. See the first screenshot below.

After you've copied the code you'll need to paste it into your webpage builder so it can exist on your page(s).

Many times if you are using a page builder, there will be a "scripts" section inside of the page builder's basic or advanced configuration that will allow you to paste this tracking code inside of your site's header without needing to edit any HTML code at all.

We integrate with virtually every page builder on the market but some of the more popular ones our clients use include ClickFunnels, LeadPages, Wordpress, Instapage, HubSpot, Teachable, SamCart, ThriveCart, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Kajabi.

If you aren't sure how to add Deadline Funnel's tracking code to your page building software, we recommend asking the page builder's support team if they offer that feature. You may also email us at if you are having any trouble installing the tracking code.

Instructing Deadline Funnel What URLs to Take Action On

Once you have the tracking code in place, your next step is to add the URL of your page link to the Deadline Funnel >> Pages area. You have the option to also enter the "After URL" to indicate where your visitors should be taken after the deadline. If you leave this blank then the page will not redirect but any countdowns will be hidden after the deadline.

Click the Save button to save your changes.

Once you have installed the Deadline Funnel tracking code and added the URLs to the Pages section of our admin, you are ready to test your page to ensure that the timer shows up.

Troubleshooting and Tips:

If you're not seeing Deadline Funnel countdowns on a page where you expected it to be:

First, visit the Pages section of the Deadline Funnel admin and make sure you entered the correct URL. See Tip Number 1 and Tip Number 2 below for common mistakes with URLs.

Next, check to see if our software detects the Tracking Code on your pages. You should see a green checkmark next to the URL if the code is automatically detected.

Also, make sure that you've chosen Floating Bar or Inline as the "Type". Otherwise, the countdown might be hidden.

Finally, make sure in Settings that you haven't chosen to hide the countdown until a few hours or days before the deadline.

Tip Number 1: Make sure you copy and paste the actual URL that your visitors will see when they arrive at your page. Some page builders (especially ClickFunnels) can present a different URL to you in the admin of their software compared to the actual URL the visitor will see in their browser. Make sure you are using the actual URL the visitor sees in their browser.

Tip Number 2: Some checkout page builders (especially InfusionSoft and Kajabi) will have two different URL variations. In these cases, you will want to create a Page in Deadline Funnel for both versions.


"Will Deadline Funnel work if I add it to my site using Google Tag Manager?"

Yes. Many of our clients use Google Tag Manager. It can be a useful way to add our code but certainly not required.

"Does it matter what order I've listed the URLs in the Pages section?"

Not at all.

"My page builder lets me add code to "header", "footer", or "body". Which should I choose?"

Header is best but the other options work too.

"If I add Deadline Funnel's code to all the pages of my site, is that OK?"

Yes. Deadline Funnel will only perform a function on pages where the URL matches a URL you put in the Pages section of our admin.

"If I add Deadline Funnel's code to a page but I do not put that page URL in the Pages section of the admin... what will happen?"

Nothing. Deadline Funnel will only take action if the Tracking Code exists on the page and the URL is saved in the Pages section for that campaign.

"The URL of the page I want to use changes with every visitor. What URL should I add to the Pages section?"

Please see our article on using a wildcard.

"I keep getting redirected after a short deadline because Deadline Funnel is tracking me. Is there a way to have the software ignore me so I can edit and view my pages?"

Yes. It's called Preview Mode.

If you have any more questions, please let us know at

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