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How Evergreen Works with Your Email Software
How Evergreen Works with Your Email Software
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We integrate with just about every email platform available (some directly and some through Zapier) and you can look up your email platform integration here.

But you'll have a much easier time setting up your evergreen funnel when you understand how Deadline Funnel operates.

Please watch this 9-minute video overview of the API integration. It covers the concept and some keys points to understand.

Common Questions:

What happens if someone who's "not in my funnel" visits one of my pages with Deadline Funnel?

First, ideally, your leads and prospects can't easily find your funnel pages. And they really would need to go through your email sequence to get the URLs.

But we also know that someone could share a sales page link with a friend or in a group on social media. In that case, the default behavior is that the new visitor will be given a tracking record by Deadline Funnel. In other words, they'll see the page and the countdown will start.

If you don't want an untracked visitor from seeing your funnel pages, then we have a solution.

It's called Pre-Launch and we have an article that explains how Pre-Launch works for preventing untracked visitors from seeing your pages. In fact, you can use this feature to send these visitors to an optin form so they will go through your sequence the way you intend.

(Note, despite the name, this feature is great for exactly the situation described above.)

How do I calculate the number of days for my email sequence?

When should I have the webhook sent out to Deadline Funnel?

In almost all cases, we recommend having the webhook as the very first step in your email sequence.

Do I need to use the Deadline Funnel email links in my emails?

Yes. The reason why is explained best in the video at the top of this article.

Do I use the Deadline Funnel email links in my ads, webinars, or webpages?

No. They're specially designed for use in your email software. There are very few situations where you use our email links outside of an email.

With ads, your sales pages, and webinars, or anywhere that's not email, you should just use your regular URL instead of our email links.

If I'm using an automated webinar, do I need to do anything differently?

Most likely, yes. Here's our article on the extra details for automated webinars.

Can I have the countdown start when my subscriber OPENS my email?

Short answer: no.

You have no way of knowing when someone will open your email and therefore it's tricky or impossible to start the Deadline Funnel tracking in a way that makes your deadline synchronized with an email open.

In addition, many email software platforms don't even try to have a trigger based on an email open because it's so unreliable.

For these reasons and more, we recommend you follow the concepts shown in the video at the top of this page. It's reliable and profitable for thousands of our clients.

Can I have the countdown start when my subscriber clicks the first time from the email link to a page in my funnel?


But if you want the following emails after that link click to be synchronized with the Deadline Funnel deadline you would also need to move that subscriber to a new email sequence when they click.

This is an advanced tactic but the way it works is that you'll be synchronizing Deadline Funnel with an email sequence that starts when a link from another sequence or broadcast is clicked.

The trigger that starts them in the critical email sequence is a link click.

Click link => subscriber gets moved to a new email sequence => webhook is sent to Deadline Funnel

How do I set up the timing so I can send multiple emails on the last day?

We have an article on how to do this with ActiveCampaign. Even if you're using a different email platform, the overall concept is what you can learn from this video and article. Then use the functionality in your platform to perform the same.

If I need to change the number of days or hours of my evergreen campaign in Deadline Funnel, will it affect people already in the funnel?


And for most clients we speak to, this is good news.

Anyone currently tracked by Deadline Funnel will have their deadline impacted by the changes you make in the Settings of the Deadline Funnel admin re the length of the campaign.

Need more help?

If you have any other questions, please try searching our docs by typing in your search phrase on this very page... and if you can't find what you need you can reach us through the chat in the bottom right corner of the page.

We're here to help!

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