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Why are my email and page timers not in sync?
Why are my email and page timers not in sync?
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In order to figure out where the issue lies, it's important to first understand how Deadline Funnel tracks subscribers through your funnel.

  • Email Tracking - Email Timers rely on Email Tracking in order to show an actual deadline for your subscribers. If someone's email is not being tracked they will always see the Email Timer start over from the top of the deadline.

    Email Tracking is triggered via a direct integration with your email provider or through a Zapier integration.

    Once a subscriber's email is being tracked in Deadline Funnel, it's essential that they click on a Deadline Funnel Email Link to view your page, in order to ensure their Email Tracking Syncs up with their IP/Cookie Tracking.

  • IP/Cookie Tracking - IP/Cookie Tracking is responsible for tracking subscribers on your actual pages where the timer is present. It's what allows us to show them an accurate deadline on your page(s), as well as redirect them away when their deadline has expired.

With this in mind, the most common reasons your timers may be out of sync include:

  1. You have not set up the integration/zap to trigger the email tracking first, so the Email Timer you're seeing is not based on a real deadline.

  2. You have some IP/cookie tracking that was triggered prior to your email tracking that affects what you see on the page.

  3. You are not using the Deadline Funnel Email Links to link people to your page(s).

Check your setup

Now that we've covered the basics of how Deadline Funnel tracks people, we'll look at some steps you can take to figure out where things are getting out of sync.

Double-check that you have completed each of the main steps for integrating Deadline Funnel with your email platform:

Zapier Integration Guide
We need to verify these two steps especially:

  • Integration that adds subscribers to your Deadline Funnel campaign

  • Deadline Funnel email links in your emails wherever you are linking to your special offer page(s)

Run a new test

Once you've verified that the trigger is set up properly, please follow the steps in our Testing Guide to ensure that you're running the most accurate test.
The most important steps are:

  • Clear your tracking in Deadline Funnel

  • Add yourself to the campaign using a new email address

  • Check the Analytics section in Deadline Funnel to make sure a deadline was started for this email address

  • In the emails that you receive from your email automation, double-check the Deadline Funnel email timer to verify that it is showing the deadline you expect to see

  • Click the Deadline Funnel email link in your email to confirm that you see Deadline Funnel appear on your page

This ensures that you are seeing exactly what your subscribers will see as they go through your campaign.

If you have any questions, contact us via chat (bottom right corner of your screen) or email at We're always happy to help! 🙂

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