When creating evergreen timers, you can trigger your countdown when:

  1. A webhook runs in your email service provider

  2. Someone opts into your list

  3. Someone visits a page

  4. Someone clicks an email link

  5. You manually add a group of leads to event tracking in Analytics

Webhook Trigger:

Using the API integration is the best choice in almost every case. You can trigger a countdown at any point in your email sequence. Click here to see our current list of API Integrations.

Optin Trigger:

You should only use the optin trigger if an API or Zapier integration is not available. The Deadline Funnel optin integration supports almost every email service provider and triggers a countdown when your lead opts into your list. Instructions for using this integration are here:

How to Integrate Deadline Funnel Using the Optin Form Feature

Page Trigger:

This trigger is ideal for quick deadlines (like a 15-minute upsell) that do not include sending email reminders about the deadline. For example after someone opts in, you could present a 15-minute special offer and use a page trigger for the 15-minute countdown.

How to Use a Page Trigger

You can add subscribers to a Deadline Funnel campaign using an email link. An email link trigger is based on when someone clicks an email link, not based on when they open the email. Since you cannot control when somebody opens an email, this trigger will be more difficult to integrate with timed emails in a sequence.

How to Use Email Links

Manual Trigger:

To use the manual trigger you will import your leads into your Deadline Funnel campaign event tracking (under Analytics). Your subscribers must then click a Deadline Funnel email link before they reach your page with the countdown. This is necessary in order to make sure each subscriber is assigned the correct deadline.

How to Trigger a Deadline Manually

If you have any questions, please let us know at: help@deadlinefunnel.com.

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