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In this guide, we'll show you how to integrate Deadline Funnel and ClickFunnels.

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Deadline Funnel University: If you'd like some free training on how to set up an evergreen funnel you should check out our University.

Create your Deadline Funnel campaign

First… a quick tip: You will need to create your first campaign before you can set up the integration with ClickFunnels.

Check out our guide here on how to create a Deadline Funnel campaign

Once you've created your Deadline Funnel campaign, you can follow the steps below to integrate with ClickFunnels.

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Video Tutorial

How to add a Floating Bar to ClickFunnels:

1. Start by clicking on the 'Tracking Code' tab in the top menu of Deadline Funnel and hit Copy:

2. Next go to your ClickFunnels account and select 'Settings' for the page you want to edit:

3. Paste your Deadline Funnel tracking code into the 'Body Tracking Code' box, scroll down and click 'Save and Update Settings':

4. Return to your page and click the link to view your page so you can get the correct URL to add in Deadline Funnel:

5. Now, this is very important : Make sure you copy the URL from the address bar when you are actually viewing the published page:

6. Go to Edit Campaign > Pages in Deadline Funnel and click 'Add new page':

7. Paste the URL for your ClickFunnels Page and select either the Inline Timer or Floating Bar. You can also choose an After URL here, which is where the page will be redirected when the deadline has expired.

8. If you choose the Floating Bar, then hit Save and refresh your ClickFunnels page to see your floating bar.

How to add an Inline Timer to ClickFunnels:

1. If you choose the Inline Timer, you will need to copy the code snippet that appears:

2. Navigate back to ClickFunnels and click 'Edit Page' under your sales page:

  1. Wherever you want to display the countdown timer, click the Plus icon to add a new element.
  2. Select Custom JS/HTML
  3. Click on the Custom JS/HTML box
  4. Select 'Open Code Editor.
  5. Paste the code you copied for the Inline Timer here:
  6. Don't forget to hit Save! :)

It's important to note that your Countdown timer will not show up automatically in Preview mode, but it will show up on your published page:

You can duplicate this Custom HTML element and add it to your page as many times as you like.

Please note : If you are publishing a ClickFunnels page that has Deadline Funnel tracking code on it to your WordPress site using the ClickFunnels plugin, you need to choose the "Download & Display" setting for "Page Display Method" in the ClickFunnels plugin settings:

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