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How to use Deadline Funnel with Facebook Ads and Messenger Bots
How to use Deadline Funnel with Facebook Ads and Messenger Bots
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Using Deadline Funnel with Facebook Messenger Bots

You can add authentic deadlines to your Facebook Messenger bot automated sequences so that after someone subscribes you can let them know they have a specific number of days or hours to take advantage of your special offer.

At this time, we don't offer email timers for chatbots, but we are looking into whether this is possible.

Directing Facebook traffic to an optin

You can drive Facebook traffic to an optin that brings prospects into your evergreen funnel.

We suggest you make the “thank you” page (whatever page your prospects are taken to when they click “submit” on your optin) be the special offer page you’ve integrated with Deadline Funnel, so they see the offer immediately after opting in. (Here's how to add Deadline Funnel to your page.)

To trigger the deadline through your optin form and email platform, please see our list of integrations. (If your email platform isn't listed, see our guide for how to trigger deadlines through Zapier.) Otherwise, your deadlines will be triggered by a page-visit when your prospect lands on the special offer page.

Directing Facebook traffic straight to your special offer page

You can also drive Facebook traffic straight to the special offer page. (Here's how to add Deadline Funnel to your page.)

Since the trigger for these deadlines would be a page-visit, Deadline Funnel will track each visitor via IP address and cookies.

What you might be able to do is set up a custom audience that includes people who have visited a specific page (i.e. your thank you page, etc.) within X days.

For example, you could create a custom audience that contains people who have visited a specific page in the past 3 days. So if your deadline is set to 3 days, then this custom audience would only include people before their deadline runs out, and then automatically remove them from the custom audience after that.​

If you had a 7-day deadline, you could change the "past 3 days" to "past 7 days," for example.

Email Links and FB Ads

Unless you have Pre-Launch enabled, use the regular URL for your landing page in your Facebook ad, not the email link.

If you do have Pre-Launch enabled, then you will need to set up a custom URL (i.e. and then use the special Deadline Funnel Email Link for the special offer in your Facebook Ad, minus the "em=" parameter at the end.

The final link you'll use will look something like this:

This will ensure that anyone who clicks on that link from the ad will be able to access the page, even though Pre-Launch is enabled.

We're here to help! Contact us on live chat (bottom-right corner of the screen) Monday - Friday, 6am-6pm Eastern. Or you can shoot us an email any time at 🙂

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