There are several ways you can reset tracking in your Deadline Funnel campaigns so that a lead can go through your funnel again:

  1. Delete tracking for a specific lead in your funnel
  2. Create a public reset tracking link
  3. Reset your own local tracking
  4. Set a length of time for your tracking to last (tracking lifetime)
  5. Reset tracking for your entire funnel
  6. Reset tracking for date range

Delete Tracking for a Specific Lead:

1. Click on 'Analytics' in the top menu of your Deadline Funnel dashboard:

2. Type your lead's email into the 'email' search box or their i.p. address in the 'details' search box to locate him/her in your Deadline Funnel tracking:

3. When you find the entry you want to reset, click on the Delete button:

Create a Public Reset Tracking Link:

You can create a link to reset a lead's tracking by visiting Edit Campaign > Testing, and generating a 'Public Reset Tracking Link'.

You will need to:

  1. Set the length of time the reset link should be active
  2. Set the URL you want them to be redirected to after their tracking is reset
  3. Set a password to activate your link
  4. Generate the reset link

Copy the Public Reset Tracking link and send it along with the password to your lead. This will clear their tracking and send them directly to the URL you set in Step #2 (people often use the 'Before' URL in their Deadline Funnel settings for this step).

Reset YOUR Local Tracking (great for testing your funnel):

You can navigate to Campaigns > Edit Campaign > Testing and click the 'Clear Tracking' button to clear your own personal tracking for that funnel. This will not clear anyone else's tracking:

Set A Tracking Lifetime:

If you want to send your leads back through your Deadline Funnel after a specific period of time, navigate to Edit Campaign >> Settings >> Advanced and add the length of your 'tracking lifetime in days':

In this example I used 30 days, so 30 days after the deadline is triggered, a lead could re-enter this Deadline Funnel campaign.

Reset Tracking for your Entire Funnel:

1. You can delete all the tracking for your funnel by visiting Analytics:

2. Then click 'Delete all events':

Reset Tracking for Date Range:

1. In the Analytics > Event Tracking section, select the date range you wish to remove Event Tracking records for:

2. Click the drop-down menu on the "Delete All Events" button, select "Delete from selected dates":

3. Confirm that you are removing these records from the right campaign, and confirm the date range:

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