In this doc, we'll show you How to Integrate EasyWebinar with Deadline Funnel and MailChimp. There are a few additional steps to complete as well -

please visit our main MailChimp guide for more details.

Video Overview:

Please watch this training on the fundamentals of integrating automated webinars into your marketing funnel first:

This tutorial covers integrating Deadline Funnel with Mailchimp and EasyWebinar.

There are two options for triggering your deadline with EasyWebinar and Mailchimp.

  1. When a subscriber attends your webinar

  2. When a subscriber registers for your webinar

Triggering the deadline when a subscriber attends your webinar

As covered in the video above, the ideal trigger for the deadline should be based on when a subscriber actually attends your webinar. Unfortunately, our direct integration with MailChimp does not allow for this. In order to trigger the deadline when a subscriber attends the webinar, you'll need to follow our Zapier integration guide here.

Triggering the deadline when a subscriber registers for your webinar

This method is possible using our direct integration with Mailchimp. But there are a couple of important things to keep in mind when using this method:

First, make sure that you only allow same-day/just-in-time registration. Doing this keeps the number of days between the registration event and the deadline for your promotion a specific number of days.

In some cases this might not be ideal for what you had planned, but it's required in order to synchronize the timing of your follow-up emails and the Deadline Funnel tracking - since EverWebinar can't tell your email system to apply a tag.

Once you've done this, you'll need to establish the trigger for the deadline based on when people register for your webinar.

1. Follow EasyWebinar's guide on how to connect your MailChimp and EasyWebinar accounts here. Once you've connected your accounts, you can select the list you would like users added to when they register for your webinar.

2. Next, you'll need to set up our direct integration with Mailchimp to trigger a deadline based on when a subscriber is added to the list you chose when setting up the integration in EasyWebinar.

And that's it! Now each subscriber's deadline will be triggered based on when they register for your webinar.

Email Follow-up Instructions:

  • You will be unable to use the email countdown timer or 'deadlinetext' in emails that are sent from EasyWebinar, as they do not allow the placeholder required to track contacts through your funnel

  • You can and should use email links in your follow-up emails to keep your countdown properly synced.

  • We encourage you to use Mailchimp for follow-up emails so that you have the option to include the Deadline Funnel animated countdown and the specific time and date of your subscriber's deadline, in the body of the email.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen!

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