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  • Core setup: Create a Deadline Funnel campaign, add a page timer, integrate ConvertKit, configure your webinar platform, use Deadline Funnel email links

  • Next steps: Email timers, sales tracking, and testing


In this guide, we will show you how to create a webinar campaign in Deadline Funnel that connects to your automation in ConvertKit.

To reference our other ConvertKit guides for other campaign types, click here.

Core setup

1. Create a campaign in Deadline Funnel

First, create a campaign in Deadline Funnel.

When creating your campaign, select Automated webinar as your blueprint:

➡️ Please visit our guide for more details about how to create a campaign in Deadline Funnel.

2. Add the Deadline timer to your campaign pages

For your timers to appear on your offer pages, we need to put a piece of code on those pages.

In the top menu of your Deadline Funnel account, click on Tracking Code and click the Copy button.

After you've copied the code you'll need to paste it into your webpage builder so it can track visitors and show your deadline timer.

➡️ Please visit our guide on adding the tracking code to your site to see page builder-specific instructions.

3. Integrate ConvertKit with Deadline Funnel

After you've created your Deadline Funnel campaign, set up the integration between Deadline Funnel and ConvertKit.

This integration allows you to trigger the deadline based on when a specific tag is applied to a contact.

➡️ Please visit our guide for more details about how to trigger the deadline by adding a tag to the subscriber in ConvertKit.

4. Configure your Webinar platform

If you're using a separate platform to host your webinars, you'll need to sync its behavior to your Deadline Funnel campaign.

Check out our platform-specific guides below:

If you're using a different platform from one of these, you can please visit this guide for more info about syncing Deadline Funnel to your webinar platform.

5. Add Deadline Funnel email links to your automation

Copy the Deadline Funnel email link from the Emails section of your campaign:

Use this link in your emails anywhere that you are linking to your offer page, instead of the offer page's URL.

Now, when someone clicks on the Deadline Funnel email link, Deadline Funnel will look up that subscriber's email address and automatically redirect them to the correct page with the right timer.

➡️ Please visit our guide for more details on how to add the Deadline Funnel email links to your emails.

Next steps

Please visit the following guides to learn how to:

1️⃣ Add Deadline Funnel email timers to your automation emails

2️⃣ Set up sales tracking in Deadline Funnel

3️⃣ Test your campaign so you can verify what your subscribers will experience

If you have any questions, contact us via chat (bottom right corner of your screen) or email at We're always happy to help! 🙂

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