In this guide, we'll show you how to create a Deadline Funnel campaign to use with your live launch. This campaign type will have a fixed deadline with a specific date and time.

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Creating your live launch campaign in Deadline Funnel

Start by selecting "Create New Campaign" and then choose a campaign name and category that will be used in your Deadline Funnel account to help organize your campaigns.

Now select your email platform, your landing page builder platform, and optionally, your second page builder platform. Then click Next.

Select the "Holiday or Fixed Date Promotion" blueprint which will create a campaign where the deadline will be the same for everyone. Click Next.

Select your launch deadline date, time, timezone, and then click Next.

Now add your special offer page URL to the "Page:" field. This is the page that people will have access to until the deadline that you selected.

Then go ahead and add the page URL where you want to redirect them after the launch deadline was reached. Click Finish.

Configuring your live launch campaign

Once you've finished creating the campaign, you'll be redirected to the Quickstart section of your new campaign.

Here you'll see the remaining steps to complete your campaign setup and each step includes a link to the step-by-step guide for your specific platforms.

Adding Deadline Funnel to your page

The first step will be to add the Deadline Funnel tracking code to your special offer page. (this will be any page that is used as a "before the deadline" page). The method of adding the tracking code is different for every platform but our guide will show you the exact steps that you need to take.

By default, the page that you added during the campaign creation will be set to display a floating bar, which is one of our more popular options.

As soon as you added the tracking code to your page, you should see the floating bar appear on your page and it will display the deadline based on the date and time that you set here:

If you have additional pages where you want to display the timers or control access after the deadline expires, use the "Add New Page" button to add as many pages as you want to this campaign. These pages will use the same deadline.

Adding Deadline Funnel to your emails

There are two items that you can add to your emails:

  1. Deadline Funnel Email Links (Required)

  2. Deadline Funnel Email Timer (Optional)

For each page that you add in the Pages section, Deadline Funnel will create a corresponding email link which you can find in the Emails section:

Deadline Funnel Email Links

The Deadline Funnel email link is customized based on the email platform that you selected and should be used anywhere you link out to the special offer page from your emails. This can be a CTA button or hyperlinked text.

When a subscriber clicks on this link in one of your emails, Deadline Funnel will check the deadline status and if the deadline is still active, they'll be redirected to the special offer page. If the deadline has already expired, they'll be taken directly to the "after the deadline" page.

➡️ Please visit our guide to learn how to add the Deadline Funnel email links to your emails.

Deadline Funnel Email Timer

Adding the email timer to your email is optional but is a great way to give your subscriber a visual of how much time is left before the deadline expires.

In most cases, you would simply need to copy the HTML Email timer code from the Emails section of your campaign and add that to a code block or the source code of your email.

You'll find the link to the guide for your specific platform in the Quickstart section or by clicking the "need help?" link below the email timer code.

Test your live launch campaign

The final step is to Test your campaign so you can verify exactly what your subscribers will experience.

That's it! Your campaign is now ready for your live launch!

If you have any questions, please let us know at or in our live chat at the bottom right of your screen

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